Effective Sept 21, 2020:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still unfolding, our main goal is to protect everyone, including all patients and staff, from exposure to COVID-19 infection. Therefore, we established the following procedures:

  • *             We are not prepared to safely assess Any patients with Any cough, colds, fever, new onset shortness of breath, or flu-like symptoms or those who think they might have COVID 19. If you have ANY of those symptoms, DO NOT enter the clinic and instead go to the nearest COVID-19 testing facility.  We DO NOT have testing available at our clinic.
  • *             It is mandatory to wear a mask in our clinic, please bring your own; sanitize your hands on arrival to the clinic.
  • *             We are strictly limiting the amount of people in the clinic to 10 only (including patients and staff combined). Companions are NOT allowed unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary and it’s limited to only ONE companion.
  • *             ALL patients will be booked for virtual phone assessment FIRST; we DO NOT allow any walk-ins at this time.
  • *             If you are attending ONLY for either a vaccine, injection or blood work, and have NO symptoms of concern, please stand in line outside, following social distancing rules until it is your turn.
  • *             Blood works will ONLY be available to our own patients or patients who have their blood work requested by one of our doctors (Dr. Taha, Khalil, Chander or Abdul Hadi).

Dr. Wisam Khalil is currently accepting patients, first come first serve, please book your appointment soon to meet and greet with him.

*Not Applicable at this time* Dr. Pranay Chander accepts home visits to our most vulnerable patients who, due to debilitating illness or frailty, unable to present physically to our clinic. This service is insured under OHIP with some exceptions apply!

Please note, the following services are no longer free based on recent OHIP changes: 1. Low-risk pre-operative assessment, e.g. before dental surgery 2. urine-based pregnancy tests, unless there’s a medical emergency 3. Ear wax removal only restricted to certain indications
MediCorner cares about the environment.

*Not Applicable at this time* For updated real-time walk-in waiting time, please click here

***Please check our blog for updated statement in regards to “automatic” prescription authorizations
***Dr. Abdul Hadi, female physician books for woman-health exams
*** Dr. Taha is NOT acquiring NEW patients at this point, but we have Dr. Wisam Khalil accepting patient, so sign up soon.

Welcome to MediCorner, a family practice, walk-in clinic and urgent care centre serving our community in Stoney Creek, Ontario and surrounding areas. You can also email medi.corner@hotmail.com for appointment or more information.
*If this is an emergency, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency department/Acute Care hospital.
*Please carry a valid health card on you the day of your visit for OHIP insured services.
*If you intend to book an appointment for someone else (including a family member), you should have legal authority to do so and ensure the patient physically attends the visit. This is the law in Ontario.
*Please Do NOT include medical or personal information in the content of your email for  privacy, confidentiality and safety reasons.