About us

MediCorner, established in December 4th 2015, is an “all-inclusive” family practice, walk-in and urgent care clinic that encompasses a wide variety of service to create our vision in a “one-stop service”. We like to have a centre that is focused on streamlined, compassionate and convenient health service.


We welcome all residents of Stoney Creek and surrounding areas regardless of their age groups and medical complexity; this is health care for “All” and we’re strong believers of such.


We offer a wide range of services including:


  • *** Not applicable at this time *** Walk-in clinic visits, no appointment required
  • Family practice care
  • Urgent care, including trauma, wounds and fractures
  • ***See COVID-19 pandemic restrictions*** Laboratory on-site for blood works and urine exams
  • Annual physical exams
  • Diabetes care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Well baby care
  • Papanicolaou/cervical screening
  • Immunizations/vaccines
  • Travel Assessment and vaccines
  • Driver’s medical/physical
  • Worker’s medical/physical
  • Tuberculin (TB) injections for work/school
  • Joint injections
  • Wart treatment
  • Skin mole/cyst removal

Moreover, this complex is a medical “trio” that includes a full-size on-site pharmacy and dentistry; hence, getting closer in fulfilling the goal of one-station visit for our patients.


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Services — Breakdown of cost and booking details

  • Travel Assessment: 20 minutes • $90 includes the assessment and the 1st round of shots (first in the series); $15 for subsequent rounds in the series if needed; Not included is whatever charged by pharmacy for acquiring the vaccination vials (most vials in the range of $100-150 each), uninsured by OHIP
    Travel assessment and vaccination, excluding yellow fever vaccine for those who travel to endemic destinations in Africa & South America. Rabies vaccine is expensive and requires order in advance. An average total expenses per patient for both pharmacy & clinic is about $405
  • Immunizations, vaccinations: 10 minutes • OHIP insured, some vaccines are uninsured, $15 for doctor fees; Immunization/vaccination, both OHIP covered and other non-insured vaccines, e.g. travel vaccines & those that are given outside OHIP insurance schedule; $15 doctor fees & $100-150 each uninsured vaccine vial charged by pharmacy
  • Blood lab on-site: Check our lab hours. Check our lab hours. We welcome our patients to use our clinic for lab services for their own convenience, e.g. blood works, urine exams, swabs & biopsies.
  • Wound care, lacerations: 15 minutes, OHIP insured, our surgical unit is fully equipped to deal with mild open injuries, traumas
  • Fracture care, minor fractures: 30 minutes, OHIP insured, minor fractures (broken bones) area easily treated by primary care doctor
  • Annual preventive exams/physical: 30 minutes, OHIP insured; we recommend annual preventive medical exams/physicals; this is to optimize health and keep up with evidence-based preventive medical advice. It’s of particular importance for patients who are 40+ of age.
  • Diabetes care: 20 minutes, OHIP insured; Invaluable care for diabetes, a chronic illness that can influence patient health outcomes adversely; conducted by expert doctor and trained nurse
  • Well Baby care: 20 minutes, OHIP insured; we love babies; we offer regular well baby care usually done frequently during infancy and less frequently when the baby gets older
  • Pap/cervical screening: 20 minutes, OHIP insured; well women care, Pap smears (cervical cancer screening) and breast cancer screening are part of regular services we offer and insist that all women should take advantage of to prevent poor healthy outcomes and premature death
  • Driver’s Medical/Physical: 30 minutes, $125; we follow MTO’s guidelines & mandates.
  • Worker/volunteer physicals: 20 minutes • $100 for 2-step TB & $60 for physical; $160 if both required; 2-step TB (usually required by all health-care workers), other vaccines plus physical if necessary; the majority of vaccines in this setting are uninsured
  • Joint/bursa injections: 20 minutes • $20-30 charged by pharmacy for each injected vial; the procedure of injection is OHIP-insured; Painful joints, bursitis, tendinitis sometimes respond to injection after doctor’s consultation; decision to injection requires booked appointment for the injection on a later date
  • Wart cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen: 30 minutes • $30 per lesion; only face lesions in children & feet lesions are OHIP-insured; often >1 visit required; We use verruca-freeze limiting cone to increase the effectiveness of delivery of freezing agent and maximize success, so you would eventually require less frequent visits/treatments; hence, less cost.
  • Skin mole, cyst removal: 30 minutes, $50 for mole, $100 for cyst, $200 for big cyst or lipoma; only cancer/malignant/premalignant lesions are OHIP-insured; booked appointment required. With local anesthesia, even complex medical cases can be done safely (because you don’t get put to sleep); talk to our doctor for consultation.